Since, traffic rules and regulations are similar throughout the European union you can use the same study material to pass the traffic theoretical exam in other EU countries as well.

Traffic Theory provides you with an easy-to-learn study material to non-Dutch speakers who are interested to learn traffic rules and regulations in The Netherlands and want to pass CBR theory test. We have developed a unique study material and method which will prepare you to successfully pass CBR car, motorcycle and mopped theory test.

As most of the people do not have time to read or when they read they do not fully understand the content of study material we have also prepared video contents that explains everything in a very simple and understandable manner that a person requires to learn and pass CBR theory test.

Finally, we have catered different samples of multiple choice questions that one would expect in the actual CBR exam. This helps you to familiarize with the structure of the exam and enables you to simulate the expected CBR Theory Test. You can practice from a list of sample exams each consisted of 65 questions similar to CBR theory test.


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We are also available via Whatsapp and zoom to answer your questions. Whenever you are ready to take the test, we will make an exam reservation for you to the nearest CBR exam center.

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